Human Intelligence for Autonomous Robots

Henry Robotics provides technology that allows humans to remotely control robots from anywhere in the world, with low latency and high reliability. With this technology, Henry Robotics provides human intelligence for autonomous delivery robots.

Autonomous navigation is coming. And has been for years. The problem is that it is very hard to make perfect. Autonomous navigation companies show great demos, but have not brought their products to market because the autonomous systems are not completely reliable. There are many edge cases, unusual events, and difficult environments that make complete autonomy very hard and years off. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Autonomous robots and vehicles can simply call for help and get human assistance. Henry Robotics technology allows a human to connect to and control a robot from anywhere in the world. The human mentor can see everything the robot sees and control the robot in real-time, with very low latency and high reliability. We can help robots navigate challenging situations, let them operate more safely, and in the process, generate more training data for the machine learning systems. Fundamentally, we make autonomous solutions more complete. We allow our partners to get to market faster and to concentrate their resources on autonomous navigation.

Henry Robotics systems are flexible, robust, and scalable. We can provide connectivity for chaperones in the field, R&D teams in your offices, as well as robot operations centers staffed with large teams. Human operators can connect for brief periods or for hours. Human interaction can be as limited as observation or be any combination of robot control. Henry Robotics software is developed with design patterns optimized for low latency and high reliability. The systems have security built in with best practices in encryption, authentication, and authorization. The software is designed for flexible integration with a wide variety of robot designs. Extensive field testing has proven the quality.

Henry Robotics is concentrating on delivery robots, but can also provide solutions for any other type of autonomous system, from self-driving cars to logistics robots.

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